Yellow buds or something else

Does anyone know if these yellow bumps are normal and just new growth or are they something to worry about

What species of tree?

It would be nice to know where you are…
I am in the inland Pacific NW USA.
These appear to be profuse back budding on a juniper (?), HOWEVER…
Went to a workshop with Dave Degroot (was curator of Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection…), had a VERY similar node on a medium sized Japanese shimpaku juniper. Largish greenish/ grey bud on main trunk. Had been there several summers.
Asked him if it was a parasite, maybe holley… completely baffled him. He did say it did NOT look like a bud.
At home , I carefully cut it out to the beap-seated base with surgical scapel. Looked like a teardrop. No obvious connection to the tree systems.
WAS NOT a leaf bud. The wound healed over nicely very quickley. Has not reoccured in any other bonsai…

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Sorry for lack of info. It’s a juniper and I’m in Australia. We are in mid spring season and this is the only spot on the trunk that I have noticed them

Could the bumps be root nodes? I know that if a juniper branch touches the soil that it will sprout roots and layer itself.

It looks like scar tissue to me. From what I see it’s only growing from places where small twigs were removed and as the trunk is expanding it’s healing over.

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My juniper is about 80cm tall and it’s about 30cm up the trunk so it isn’t close to the soil so I’m not sure

Regardless, …do you NEED a new limb at ANY of these locations?
Pop any buds that you don’t want.
If any of the remaining new growth eventually grow into unidentifiable “things” let us know.
Does Australia have plant parasitic entities? I don’t have to go far, here, to point at tree parasitic growths!