What is going on with my juniper?

Hello Mirai community. i don’t know why this juniper yellowing, checked for spider mites and found none to be present. If anyone can give me their opinion of what might be i would really appreciate it . Thank you very much in advance for anyone’s input.

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Random yellowing could be a root / soil issue. When was the tree last repotted quality of the sheen and information of that kind might help to understand what could be the problem.

Thank you for your replay Robert.It was transplanted spring of 2022 and sheen look good at the time. Last year did not put a lot of new growth.

No new growth? that is a sign that something is wrong. maybe get help from someone who is good at growing these in your area to get a take on your potting mix and pot selection and fertilizing regimen? A few discolored needles is not all that unusual but no growth? that indicates a problem to me.

Could you post a picture of the soil? What I can see between the major roots seems dark and moist (this could be just the image).

I am Germany based and this very moist spring/summer seems to push several juniper species over the edge with much earlier shedding/yellowing or even brown tips. Discussing this recently I got the feedback from other juniper holder - too wet and too much moisture seems to push fungus this year much more as normal. I would take yellow foliage away (usually possible by hand), tread against fungus and make sure tree is getting dry before watering to balance oxygen in the roots. My junipers look pretty much the same this year and haven’t had any issues the past 10 years of this kind. However, shine and root issues as already mentioned by Robert could also be a reason or at least influencing vigorousness of a weak tree. Hope this helps, cheers M
PS: what helps to check dryness with eventually root issues is using a wooden chop stick, pushing it into the soil to check moisture at shine and lower root areas. Leave the stick at same place in the root ball to not damage roots by poking around, rather use several chop sticks at different places and leave it there. Finally be patient - I see still growing tips which is a good sign :slight_smile: PSS: if you still unsure with our advice ask Ryan in the live Q&A!

Thank you for your reply. i removed the yellowing tips and i do let it dry out between watering,since then seems like has come down a little (not yellowing as much) keeping my fingers crossed.