Juniper needles turning yellow and brown

Sections of my needle juniper are turning yellow. Definitely not mites or scale insects. Don’t believe I’m overwatering but it’s a possibility. Could it be a root fungus? Tips are green, inner sections of circled areas are yellow and browning. Bottom right section entirely green.

Contemplating transforming this to a shohin with a chop at the vertical yellow line IF the top left section of the tree cannot be saved.


Given that the yellow is throughout the tree it seems like it might be root related. Perhaps lighten up on the watering and consider removing all of the surface moss that may be interfering with the exchange of water and oxygen. Finally tilting the pot may help to increase the movement of water through the pot. Just a few thoughts. Good luck with it.

Whatever is happening with the foliage is a mirror image of the root system.
Definitely a root related issue.