Yellowing on multiple Junipers

Hello everyone! I am beginning to see this yellow / brown foliage appear in my Juniper Procumbens. I have checked for spider mites on each tree and haven’t found any.

None of the Junipers are in bonsai soil and are currently just developing in organic soil. They are also being fed 12/4/5 NPK Pellet fertilizer.

If you have any ideas on what could be causing the change in foliage I would greatly appreciate it!

It looks like most of this is older, interior foliage. If that is the case it the natural shedding of the older, less efficient needles. It looks like there are good growing tips on most of them as well well. If this is the case, there is nothing to be worried about.


@MartyWeiser Some are interior but some aren’t. Like the branch on this reply the yellowing is like midway through stem and this is a very exterior part of the tree.

looks like the juniper is shedding old needles. If they didnt do that you wouldnt see barked branches or barked trunk

As @MartyWeiser said, the new growth tips have good growing tips.

Junipers naturally cast off branches that are deemed inefficient. Proper wiring helps, but I find theres always some small twiggy bits that yellow and fall off

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I went back through all the trees and double checked for spider mites and found some. Going to treat accordingly for that and hope it resolves.

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