Juniper turning lighter green

I have a juniper which has been doing fine until now. Recently I noticed that the foliage is not as deep a green as it used to be. The main change is that I am watering more frequently. Could that be the problem?

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Why are you watering more? Water uptake by the tree should dictate your aplication.

We had a really hot spell and I had to increase the watering, but maybe I should drop back on watering the junipers. OTOH, my others seem to be doing just fine.

What kind of juniper and what kind of work have you done to it this year?

It’s been in the same pot for two years, and I did some styling in late winter of this year.

Here’s an overall photo, though it doesn’t look that yellow here:

Here’s a closeup of some area with new growth that is yellow:

After examining the plant more closely, I did find some tiny webbing. I did a Neem oil treatment early in the spring, but maybe it’s time for an insecticidal soap. What do you think?

I have yellowing on my juniper, but it’s from shedding old growth as the new growth kinda shades it out. Peep this feature though. It may help to shed some light on the situation.

Hi I avoid Neem Oil on my Junipers.

It does resemble Spider mites, and I suggest that you view or review Ryan’s video on this as it provides important info on fighting the Spider Mite dark forces.

In the past I used Neem oil on my Junipers because I was ignorant of the fact that the oil impacts the plants health. Now I am using the combination of water, and 2 different insecticides. This solution was influenced by Ryans video and discussion on the Spider Mite lifecycle.