Browning Juniper

I am concerned about the browning that has occurred on my juniper. I will start by saying it has looked like this since late October. I’m in Florida and we had just come out of rainy season in early October and I had been almost ignoring the watering because of all the rain. Then the sudden stop caught me off guard and watered it a day or 2 later than it needed. Initially, I thought it was ok, because only some of the new growth had browned. However, within a few weeks of that missed watering the browning shown in the photos occurred. I have been keeping a close eye on it and it doesn’t seem to have gotten any worse, but I’m not really seeing and new growth. Now I have heard that Junipers have a reputation of often having a very slow death, but it’s been about 7 months.

It’s possible that the missed watering had nothing to do with the browning, but I find the timing too coincidental to not be the culprit. Maybe Phomopsis?

I am open to any suggestions about its health (and possibly design, if it even has a chance of recovery).

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It looks like you may have spider mites. I can see the stippling on the needles and the webbing in your last pic. You can do the tap test to verify. A hard stream of water on the foliage may take care of them. There are some spider mite videos in the library, I recommend you view them.


Agreed. Mites most likely. I just treated mine. Tap test. White paper beneath the foliage and smear with your hand. Red streaks equals mites. Bio advanced 3n1 or Seven. One application is 14 days apart.

Confirmed. It does appear to be spider mites. It has now been treated fingers crossed it recovers. Thanks for the help!

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