Juniper showing browning

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I have this procumbens nana and it’s expressing problems. The color is changing here and there. On the other hand it’s showing new healthy tips and new crotch growth. It’s been in this container for a bit more than a year now.

What are your thoughts?

I am a beginner so take it with a grain of salt.
Balance of water and oxygen is where I would start.

Pull the ferts, strip off all that green stuff so the soil can breathe. And so you can really see if it is holding too much water.
Some yellowing it normal but that seems like a lot.

Also that seems like a huge amount of fertilizer for that pot, but I could be wrong… Over fertilizing, poor o2 exchange and water quality would be where I started IF no pests are present.

Perhaps someone with more experience will chime in but we are having a very wet year here and that is really effecting things in a negative way.
What is your water quality and PH?

Best of luck


The first thing I would check for is spider mites. They are pretty common on junipers in summer.

I have one I bought last spring at auction. In a month it started doing the same thing. I could not find spider mites. I waited it out and this year it’s doing fine. I initially thought it was weather because I live in cold wet summer San Francisco and the auction was in blazing Sacramento.

This video is a bit long but very good and covers almost all the issues you may encounter with conifers

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