Juniper health trouble

Hey folks, anyone have any guesses what’s up with these two shimpaku juniper? Their roots haven’t been touched since spring 2020. They grew well last year but have developed this discoloration recently. We did have a freak snowstorm in February, but my many other juniper are not showing any issues.

Is it spider mite damage maybe? I can’t get any smears on the paper test but I’ve been hosing it down with water recently so maybe they are mostly gone.

It looks like you have some good growth as well. Are you keeping it too moist or dry? That could lead to mild root problems that are causing it to shed some foliage.

Hey Marty, I don’t think so. Hard to say for sure I guess. I have three other junipers in this same bed that get watered together and aren’t showing any signs of issues. There is healthy new growth though. I guess I am trying to decide if this is a pest problem I should try to intervene on or a watering / environment issue that’s already done it’s thing.

Looks like Spider Mites to me. Sounds like you may have it under control though.