Browning leaves, Shimpaku Juniper

Hi everyone, first time posting long time reader. The tips of my Shimpaku are turning brown. See attached image.

I’ve had this tree on a strict watering schedule for months and recently the leaves have started turning brown. These foliage tips are undamaged and I’m afraid this might be juniper tip blight.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be very helpful. This is my first shimpaku and I’m in love with it. :slight_smile:

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Hi Nick, it’s a bit hard to see from the photo but here’s a few things to check: Your strict watering may need adjusting to suit the new season and the additional growth it has put on this year.
Have you done a spider mite check?
It could also be caused by scale so check for that as well.
Have you had some scorching weather lately?
Is it on all the tree or just the angle of the photo?
Do you turn it regularly so all parts get equal amounts of sunlight?
Just a few things to be going at. Hope it helps.