Yellow Needle tips on Chinese Juniper

I just re potted a nursery stock Chinese Juniper early this spring, it is in 100% Acadama and was protected against intense sun but recently i put it out and,since last 3-4 days it has been really hot weather.One thing i noticed is the tip of the new needles are turning yellow,still feels fleshy and healthy but discolored at the same time.Is it something i need to worry about?

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Welcome to the community, Uday!

I think your soil substrate being 100% akadama is your issue, being that akadama holds a lot of water and junipers do not like “wet feet”. A more suitable mix 1-1-1 akadama, pumice, lava will give a better balance of water and oxygen.
What stage is the the tree, development or refinement? If it is in development a good nursery mix or straight pumice is what the tree should be potted in.
Good luck :+1:t2:

Hi @Uday. It sounds a bit like you have given it a bit too much sun and caused heat stress after being in protection. To help it recover let it have early morning sun and late evening sun, but protect it for now during the rest of the day. When you see signs of recovery you can gradually let it have more sun. Being in 100% akadama does give you a tricky situation. There is very little drainage and so it holds more water. You will have to let it virtually dry out in between each watering to get some oxygen to your roots. Ryan does actually grow his grafting material in pure akadama so please don’t panic too much.