Juniper question

Hi Ryan,
My Itoigawa Juniper has developed bumps along the trunk and primary branches.
I noticed a few of them in October of this year. The number and size of the bumps are increasing.
History; First major styling 2010, into bonsai pot 2013, major trunk bend 2016, with a repot into same pot 2019, minor tweaks in styling yearly in fall.
What is going on? Is this a fungus? Should I paint the bumps with some Zeritol or Hydrogen Peroxide

![9EA6E25D-5128-4D0A-B888-D740F9891C3B|375x500](upload://5Fz TcLcAWVee13FwqD6bra112Q0.jpeg) on the bumps?

I believe that to be totally normal for Chinese Junipers.