Yellow shimpaku juniper

Hey guys, first post here. Im Bryan Six from Southeast Ohio. i picked up the shimpaku yesterday from a nurserey in northern ohio. This is the first shimpaku i have even seen in ohio nurseeys and the temps are in the 40s now. the tree is uniformly yellow with some green tucked under, but nothing vibrant. The tips have a white tinge on them as well. cant see any bugs up top. Is this normal to yellow in late fall? Did it get hammered in our first frost? Is there an issue here to be worried about. it is too late to repot or work on this tree. it will be heeled in with the rest of them. What do you guys think?

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Hi Bryan, welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had to wait so long for a reply.
Was it green when you bought it? A shimpaku is normally darkish green.
Yours, unfortunately is either very sick or dead. Have you checked for spider mites, lifted it from the pot to see if there are any healthy roots, or has there been any damage to the live vein at all?
If you’ve done these checks I would get it on the forum q & A asap for Ryan to have a look.


Just found this tree last weekend. hoping to save it. The guy at the nurserey said it was normal winter color but im skeptical. have not lifted from the pot yet. could be pot bound, but im in low temps already here. 30s F. Im scared to stress the tree any further because it will be heeled in outside very soon. i hope it survives till spring, just wanna help it as much as possible.

where is the forum QNA threads?

If you are a pro member you’ll have a list of threads available to view when you open up the forum. Choose the one that says forum Q & A (make sure it’s the latest one and it hasn’t closed.)
You then open the reply box and explain the problem to Ryan. You are allowed to upload4 photos of your tree in the same way as you did in your post. If you can’t get to watch it live it usually takes a couple of days before it’s put in the library.
I would also ask him fo instructions on how to winter it.

I have had a shinpaku itoigawa turn that colour over winter then return to darker green the next spring. Now this was either due to the weather or the repot the previous spring.

Protect it the best you can.

Fingers crossed yours will pick up in the spring.

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Ok, i uprgraded to the pro membership to get all the bells and whistles available. Im having trouble finding any qna threads available. Am i missing something, are they in a special place, or are there none open at the moment? Thanks a ton for your help by the way.

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So the Q&A’s work as follows:

1- The Forum Q&A is a thread that opens on Monday in the Apex Category.

The Apex Link

2- The Live Q&A is a live stream that occurs around 10am PT. You sign in at Mirai Live.

Mirai Live Link

When the stream becomes live the border around the video on the homepage turns red.

Unfortunately as the picture shows there is no Q&A this week.

This may have appeared elsewhere as I replied to the wrong thread initially!!

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Hey man just curious what nursery you got this from in Ohio?

A place in Dayton ohio,cant remember what it was called exactly

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How is this tree doing? Has it recovered at all? Is it still alive?

I had Ryan look at it on a forum QNA. He said theres nothing wrong with this tree. Its still yellow, and still going strong. thanks for asking!