Next steps for shimpaku juniper

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I recently acquired this large shimpaku juniper. I’ve removed a lot of dead foliage, cleaned the live vein, and removed lots of old dead foliage from the soil surface. The tree seems to be in decent health, but it’s not as strong as it could be. I wonder if part of the problem is the soil. It’s in a tightly packed peat nursery mix. It might be too late in the season for a repot, but I wonder if the tree would get stronger if I got it into freely draining mix. I feel like waiting a year might prolong existing health issues – but who knows maybe repotting now would just create more trouble. Thoughts?



@Josh_S . The weekly Forum Q&A just closed. Wait untill next weeks QA. Opens early Monday, and post for Ryan to see and talk about!
Nice tree. Tip growth looks healthy. The second photo does show some backbudding! Though, you may need some grafts to tighten the growth up…

Ya. Way late for repotting. Safer to wait. Is the soil mass draining quickly? If it is, should be OK for now.
Quite a while yet for operant time for major work.
Maybe just heavy organic fertilizer NOW and minor limb cut back in the fall. It will need some winter protection in Manitou Springs…
I did look for Mirai content on shimpaku junipers. Saw mostly forum QA. There is shimpaku juniper video content, I just did not see it easily.
My three SJs are doing well and elongating great! Though, the 108F on this date last summer did some damage! They have winter protection and have been happy down to <0F. 25F root temps… Yes, I measure…
( I’ve never tried Avery beer, I worked for Coors one summer…free taps in the lunchroom…still cant drink IT… Currently I’m enjoying Iron Horse Brewery- Chocolat Hazelnut Death -a dark malt beer. Aint your standard beer!)
Good luck
Bonsai On!

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Thanks for the insights here! Waiting seems like the best option, so I am glad you confirmed (sometimes it’s easy to talk myself into doing things at not the best time). The soil does seem to drain ok. I suppose I can actually use a moisture meter, since it’s in nursery soil – but I’ll also keep an eye on it with the tried-and-true chop stick into the soil method.

Avery is good! Also a Colorado beer. The White Rascal is a nice summer beer, but they have lots of stuff. I’ve got a good friend that works at Coors – I’ve been meaning to do the tour. Thanks again!