Styling to re-pot.... Too soon?

This is my Parsons Juniper, (well that is what the nursery said it was) I recently did the initial structural work and styling. My question is did I remove too much foliage to re-pot? It is a very strong and healthy tree still in the nursery mix of what appears to be sand, peat, and pine bark. I still have good percolation and lifting the tree out of the container it is root bound. I know you listen to the tree to tell you if it can handle it but the problem is I am new to bonsai and haven’t mastered tree. Thanks for any input.


I’m no expert either but coming from the understanding that Junipers strength is in their foliage I would wait for that repot, specially if you’re getting good percolation out of the substrate in which it is now. Would not hurt the growth perpetuation of the tree to hold on the repot for a while, that being said young trees are usually super super strong so you could maybe get a way by putting it into another container. But maybe watch the tree closely for a bit before deciding, and patience always rewards you in the end…

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Yes, strength is in the foliage. At this point, your best chance of success is to wait until the tree re-accumulates foliage mass before repotting.

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It’s rare that you’re going to do the repot and styling in the same season. If it’s a procumbens juniper then you could get away with an early spring repot and summer/fall styling. My general approach with nursery stock has been to repot first and allow the dense foliage to help recover the roots.

I will, however, do a cleaning when I first get a plant to help scratch the “itch” of a new tree. That then let’s me sit with the tree a bit and ponder the eventual design.

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Like everyone has said, wait until next year to repot. The fastest way to kill a tree is to rush it. Besides, if you do it now, and the tree lives, you’ll have so much die back that it will set you back more time than just waiting until next year.

Just ask my dead junipers. :yum::sweat_smile::sob: