Juniper repotting

Hi everyone,

First of all I want to say that I’m French and my English writing isn’t so good, sorry for that !

I just repotted this juniper on a smaller pot than the last one.
The tree was in the last pot since 5 years.

My question is: should I remove some branch now ?
As you can see I have some branch selection to do on that tree because I want something feminine, and there is too much branch (I think).
Should I do this now ?

Thank you !



The strength of junipers is in the foliage so I would give the tree timer (perhaps even a year) to recover before your do any serious work. Remember the general rule of thumb is one major operation per year.


If you didn’t do too much root reduction maybe you can remove crotch growth and growth going up and down. Tree is really nice but doesn’t look feminine to me. Others may chime in. I’m no ecpert

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I agree with MartyWeiser.

I have also reported two junipers this year and I am trying not to remove any branches. I will look to see what ones I want to keep, But I am planning on letting the roots recover this year.

Your tree has a lot of potential! Have fun with it! Be patient. Bon chance!


Thanks a lot !
I wanted to be sure that even if the tree is strong, this is better to wait for the next year.

Merci !

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I agree with @Eastbayvet that it is probably OK to remove crotch growth if there is other growth. Crotch growth tends to not be very useful in the design and should probably only be kept if it is all that is keeping the tree alive.

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That’s a nice tree Camille…and Welcome!

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Very nice juniper with good potential, Camille. I have been doing bonsai for thirty years now and one of the most important lessons I have learned is that waiting at least a year between any major work on any tree is essential. It may seem like wasted time but in fact it speeds up the development of the tree. So wait a year and let the tree recover and gain strength from that plentiful foliage before any foliage reduction is made…


Thanks a lot everyone, Mirai’s family is great :green_heart: