Repot or style first?

Morning Mirai,

Do you style or repot your wild collected trees once they show health from collection? In particular Conifers/Junipers.

Take a look at this Q&A at 23:32 and 45:26


Style first. Otherwise you’re just adding an extra re-pot.

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I don’t think it would be wise to repot a collected juniper very soon after initial collection and potting, so I would say style first. But don’t style right when it is showing signs of new growth, let it grow completely free for the entire first year after collection. And if it looks good and healthy after one year then you know it’s back in an energy positive and can take some degree of styling work.

You really shouldn’t be worried about repotting something you just dug out of the ground and repotted… even if it was a year ago. Do yourself a favor and collect trees wit the smallest rootball needed for survival. The point of collection when you remove a tree from the ground will be the point at which the tree has the MOST strength it will ever have to deal with dramatic root reduction. Then get it in the smallest container possible, and don’t even think about repotting at least for like 3 years if it’s a juniper.

Got any pictures of the material? How long ago did you collect it?

Collected 3 years ago
March 2017

Oct 2017


Oh ok, nice juni! Well that’s a different story since is been 3 years since collection. Not to sound too much like Ryan, I think you need to ask yourself: what are you trying to accomplish?

I think if you’re biggest goal is to get it potted into a smaller container, don’t touch the foliage at all and repot. Since, especially with it being a juniper, you want as much foliage as possible to help the roots recover. If you style it now, you will probably have to wait another year or two until you repot. Since it’s been recovering for 3 years, I think you should repot first to a smaller container and then wait a year or two to style. I think that course of action will be the most productive use of your time! Awesome material can’t wait to see what you do with it!


I second @Mike_Hennigan here. It is supper healthy. It is probably the best opportunity for a safe repot to give it its best chance to establish itself in a bonsai container. As long as you have the planting angle and position clear, I’d go ahead and repot now and in a year or two depending on how it responds, style it.

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Wow…great material. Nice find! As for the topic at hand, what :point_up:t3:these guys said!