Shimpaku + Japanese Larch Troubles

Hi everyone, having some troubles with two of my trees and am seeking some advice.

My Japanese larch was relocated from Pennsylvania to northern Illinois. It’s been pushing healthy growth but in the last few weeks there has been two branches that has turned the needles a very dark green and fall off. I’m not sure if this is due to over or under watering.

The Shimpaku juniper was pruned + wired and is showing some discoloration on (1) branch. Again, unsure if this has to do with over/under watering.



My J. Larches are doing this, too. My shimpakus, out in the sun… are doing that…Three summers of excessive heat… They do recover.
My guess…Higher heat, lower humidity… than Pennsylvania…
Poorer water quality; chlorine, higher acidity than… Pennsylvania…
However, keep them out of the high heat afternoons. Keep em damp.
Bonsai On!


Sorry, to clarify, harder water…higher total dissolved solids, higher alkalinity…higher pH…

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Thanks Kurt great advice!