I Could Use Some Help With An Ailing Larch

I just acquired a Japanese Larch from a seller in North Carolina, who was selling the tree because his climate was too warm to get it in a refined state. It was sent to me after its first flush, and the seller pruned off the new growth removed it from the container it was in and then packaged it for shipping. I repotted it immediately in fresh akadama and after about a week it started dropping needles. I’m afraid that I’m now losing the tree and could use some advice on how to proceed. We’ve had a lot of rain since it arrived so I know its getting enough water, and I have put a light application of bio-gold on as fertilizer and I have it in the shadiest part of my deck. Is there anything else I should be doing?


Depending on the age of the tree I would never disturb the roots once there are needles on a Larch. I would also not apply any fertiliser to what is a stressed sick tree. I think it would benefit from sunshine. Are you sure it is getting enough water? It might recover, but it could take a long time. Otherwise, all you can do is hope.

Hi @nemo1107
Put it on the ground in shade. Water it when it needs to be watered and not before or you will drown it. Leave it on the ground until A) it gets better and you can move it into light, or B) it dies and you throw it out.
The trouble with buying bonsai trees from bonsai enthusiasts is they tend to keep the good ones for themselves and sell you crap which is on its way out.


yeah, I’m pretty sure this ones a goner. Lesson learned.

RIP little larch.
You are now better equipped for the next one. Failure has the ability to be a much more powerful teacher than success.

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