Will there be a stream this evening?

I haven’t seen anything on social media or the Mirai Forum so I just wanted to check to see if there was any kind of news/update that I missed or that hasn’t been released yet.


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This was in my inbox yesterday:

This week on Mirai Live, explore the evolution of an incredible yamadori sierra juniper. Over the course of this tree’s journey, with footage from all stages of its story, build your skills in live vein cleaning, pruning, wiring, and styling of this iconic western species. Pro members, join us for a Q+A with Ryan following the stream. Tuesday 6/23, 6pm PDT.

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Hi @Farley! Yes, we will be streaming tonight at 6pm PDT. I apologize that the website wasn’t updated - we are in the midst of our transition to Eve taking over and I forgot to have her do it! Our social posts about streams typically come out on Tuesday mornings so you’ll also see those pretty soon.

Let me know if I can help with anything else! And thanks @chuckwheat for the assist :slight_smile:

Thanks to both of you! I didn’t get the email @chuckwheat mentioned. Should that be automatic for pro members or do I need to sign up somewhere?

You should definitely be receiving those emails! Email me at info@bonsaimirai.com and I can look into this for you - please also check your spam folder.

Is the stream happening tonight?

It is! We are having a technical difficulty with a remote mic setup for Eve - we are working on it. Sorry for the delay!

the chat and all the rest is not coming up though.

Yes, we haven’t activated the stream yet. We are working on a fix.


Take your time. :slight_smile:

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OK, standing by here.

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Gotta love the forum lol! 1st place a came to see if we were still on for tonight lol.

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refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh.

Still working on it - I’m sorry guys. We’re also transitioning to Eve taking over, so that’s complicating things as well. I’ll keep you posted here!