Mirai Live Upcoming Content

Hello all,

I wanted to give you all a bit of an update about some of the content coming out soon. I know we have been airing a lot of Australian content lately, which has been super exciting! We do also acknowledge that for some members, the Southern hemisphere and Australian natives do not directly apply to your practice. Regardless, this information is pertinent, and it is helping the bonsai community outside of the US. Remember, we have a video library of over 200 videos, so if a livestream one week does not pertain to you, maybe check the library for something you have never seen before.

This month, starting next week, we will be returning to a more balanced & rotating schedule of Ryan and other educators. As we expand to other educators to round out bonsai knowledge, we are also discovering how to best balance all the new content we are creating. We appreciate your support as we sort out ideal airings for our expansive community.

Just so you all can get an idea of what is to come, here is the upcoming live schedule for the entire month of June:

June 7th 6pm PDT - Dawn Redwood Post-Harden Pruning
June 8th 1pm PDT - Coastal Redwood Post-Harden Pruning

June 15th 6pm PDT - Austrian Black Pine Shoot Selection
June 16th 1pm PDT - Austrian Black Pine 2019 Trophy Critique

June 22nd 6pm PDT - “Mallsai” Styling (average store-bought bonsai, good for beginners/low budget!)
June 23rd 1pm PDT - Field Grown Pine Continued Development

June 29th 6pm PDT - Tropical Primer (educator: David Cutchin)
June 30th 1pm PDT - Tropical Ficus (educator: Hugh Grant)

We are looking forward to airing this content over the next month, and we hope to see you live!

Best wishes from the whole Mirai Team,
Ryan, Josh, JP, Lani, Phillip, Jesus, Diana, Eve & Troy


I think it’s been really interesting with Hugh lately, even if the species aren’t directly related to anything I’m working on. That said, it’ll be great to have Ryan back in the studio more regularly again. P.S. super excited to see David Cutchin on an upcoming stream. Can’t wait to see who the other guest artists are going to be :slight_smile:


I love this list :heart_eyes: I can’t wait to inject it into my eyeballs.


If Mirai is going to scale, you need to pull in other instructors. Ryan will burn out if he’s doing four streams a week, every week. And if people can’t get at least design inspiration from other materials in other regions, then they’re not paying attention.


The list of topics appeal to me, especially Hugh Grant’s presentation on Ficus. I own a great Ficus retusa and can always use more information on Ficus care, maintenance and styling. Thank you,


As much as I love listening to Ryan talk bonsai, the dude needs a break :+1: there is already a lifetime supply of bonsai gold to listen to in the library (trust me I’m trying to get through it all) I also support the new pros input and streams. #lovemirai


Yes, we sure don’t want to ask him to burn himself out; wouldn’t be a good way to show our appreciation!


Peter Warren and Adam Jones please!


Please more newbie stuff like Mallsai. I’m only a year into the hobby . I’m sure I’m not alone. I’m terrified to work on my trees because I struggle with knowing the right time to do something and the stages of development, secondary, and refinement. I’ll be dead before any of my trees are as magnificent as the ones we watch every week. Seeing the process of working on something more attainable would really help me.

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Loved the Tropical Primer with David Cutchin - he’s a great teacher. Excited for more. Also as a Brit I’ll always want to see more of Peter Warren. His bromance with Ryan is magic.


Hate to be the voice of dissent, but how can one improve without constructive criticism? I love the new content. Especially from David since he’s near my region being 5 or so hours away.

I do miss the live format that we get with Ryan on Super Tuesdays. The format of asking Eve a question in the chat and then waiting for a reply in the chat just isn’t as engaging. I know; pro members problems lol.