Cant watch Live streams

Hi, struggling to find out how to watch the live streams.
Anyone give me some info. I am a pro member but maybe I am missing something. Any help would be welcomed.

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Above, on the black bar, click on ‘Mirai Live’.
BOOKMARK THE ADDRESS for later use. You might
have to log in.
At the proper time, the main screen will go ‘LIVE’ during a stream, click on the arrow. Don’t forget to log out when done.
Meantime, scroll down to ‘library’; you can watch a crazy amount of info. Enjoy!
Bonsai on!

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Hi Matt! Welcome to Mirai Live :slight_smile: You can always tag me in the Forum if you have a question about Mirai, by typing @Sam. You can also email

We live stream on Tuesday nights at 6pm PDT. Live Q+As take place on a rotating schedule, but usually Wednesday or Thursday at 10am or 3pm PDT. You can always see upcoming livestreams by logging into, on the calendar box to the right of the large video box.

When we are live, there will be a red border around the main large video box. Click there to be taken to the live stream. You can also go to, but that link will not work unless we’re currently streaming.

If you’re looking for instructions on how to watch past live streams in the Library, all you need to do is click “library” on the top of the page while you’re logged in to Mirai Live.

Hope to see you on the stream tonight at 6pm PDT! Let me know if you have any other questions!


Thanks @Sam for the info, i live in france so not always possible to watch the live stream due to the time zone difference. i will at some point make a point of watching though.
Thanks @KurtP also for the info, very much appreciated.

Love the site, love all the information , Top job done by all at Mirai and the followers.

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Stayed up especially for the live stream, definitely cannot watch live, gutted. :frowning_face: don’t know what’s going off. If someone could help much appreciated. No flashing red boarder, when I open mirai no live options. Totally confused.:exploding_head:

@mattchamb16… not live yet. Just starting…

@mattchamb16 … did you make it in?

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@KurtP yes i finally got to watch my first live and what a live it was.
I was an hour out on my calculations, Glad i stayed up though as that was a first for everyone.
Very tired this morning as it finished at 4.30am my time, well worth it.
Thanks the mirai team for one top stream.

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Some things will wait… I usually don’t miss em. Watch some again later. I usually miss the forums, watch whenever. They are hugely informative.
The difference is the live comments crowd. Pretty roudy last night.

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