Anyone else not able to log into the stream tonight?

I got booted and when I try to go back to I get this pop up. My account info doesn’t work unfortunately.


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Hooray, back in to the stream. Temporary problem I guess.

i still cant get in. im not sure what is goin g

so its the link that messed up to get to mirai live. u need to go to a different tab to where there is a black bar at the top then click mirai live and it should kind of work

I was finally able to get in by just pressing cancel on that pop up several times.

Me too. I couldn’t watch tonight’s live stream. I emailed Mirai about it.


Looks like the same log in issues again.

yup, i cant get video this time with the tricks though

This is what I get now.

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I can’t watch it either.

Is this progress? Hard to tell. :laughing:

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I still can’t watch it

They cancelled the stream.


I was wondering what was going on ha! thank you

I just forgot it was Tuesday…

it should be live now shouldnt it?

It is not live for me at least. I was having it direct me to a default apache/centOS testing page for a while before now.

You have to use this link. It’s from the email.

Thank you so much. I didn’t get that email for some reason.

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The Mirai announcement email had an alternate Venmo clicker that worked…
The main website was offline during the webcast… just an Apache website error message…
3 weeks in a row. A little iritating. Life is never easy…! Hope it gets sorted out!
After, I DID go out and look at my azelea… it had JUST started to bloom!

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