Server Migration - post issue reports here!

Hello Mirai community!

Exciting news–Mirai Live has migrated to a new server! Though I admittedly don’t understand all the details of such things, this should provide a faster experience for everyone using the site.

As it goes with big changes to the site’s back end, there might be some random bugs or issues that pop up over the next few days. If you see them, please post screenshots & error messages in this thread.

Thanks so much for being part of the community! We appreciate all of you so much :heart:


Is the upgrade for the livestreams or for the forums? or for blog/store/everything on the website?

It’s for everything–it’s an upgrade for our hosting server which all the sites exist on.

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Did a run around the block. Streaming, blog, forum.
Did NOT have any errors or halts.
Better, faster, stronger…
Haute Bonsai!

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Mac Firefox 70.0 user here - looks like fonts are not loading correct? I’m seeing everything as default Times New Roman. Hard refresh did not seem to help

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Thank you for the heads up and for such detailed info! Our developer is on it.

I note that the live calendar has this week’s stream scheduled for Monday the 28th.

It might sound trivial, computer log on is part of security.
Your server now logs me on automatically.
Personal computer security habit, I never engage autolog on. Always type my security code in.
.can’t log out consistently., even ‘log out all’

That one was my mistake :wink: Thanks for catching!

Hey Kurt! This is an interesting one–let me look into this. In the meantime, if you hit “log out” and then return to the login page, there should be a checkbox that says “log in automatically.” Try unchecking that box when you next log in and see if that works. Thanks for the feedback!

Auto login not checked.
Note: I log into forum, computer logs me into Mirai Live ALSO. If I log out there, then go back to forum and log out, I’m logged out…
Jumping from forum to Live, I USED to have to log in; and then out, and back to forum. Did not affect forum log in if I forgot to log out of Live.
Just an interesting glitch. Unless you work on a secure system as an administrator…

Thanks Kurt! I will bring this up with our developer.

Tonite I could not even bring up Mirai let alone the live stream. Tried both with and without ad blocker.:rage: Now many hours later it works.

Hi Bill! Can you send us an email about this to I didn’t hear from anyone else having that issue with the site last night but I think we can troubleshoot.

Sam; it “may” have been my computer. Seems there were several other places it wouldn’t go to either after my Mirai troubles. I had my ad blocker changed and it seemed to fix just about all the problems. It was sure weird that things wouldn’t work with
it turned off though.

Bill K

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