Auto log in playing up

Have been a member for over a year now and auto log in always worked fine. In the last week it seems to log me out at the end of each day. Got back in fine this morning but yesterday took a while for my password to be accepted. Anybody else or just me?

Only cos you are asking otherwise not a big thing for me:
I’m logged in permanently in Forum and haven’t had any issues with this so far but if I go to Archive I have to type in my log-in dets even if I previously clicked on ‘auto log in on future visits’

Ah thank you. No, not a big thing but I always panic with password issues in case it is just me and there is a problem at my end. Like you the forum stays in but the archives need reminding.

Hi! Auto-login is controlled by your browser, not by our website itself. It is possible that your browser may have updated and logged you out of some websites that were saved. Or if you cleared you cache, you usually get logged out of site that are saved. You can always reset your password via the link below the sign in button on Mirai Live!

Thank you Kendall, that makes sense. There have been a few updates this week. Much appreciated.