Opening the forum page problem

Is anybody else having trouble opening the forum page? I’ve always come in through Mirai Live and clicked on forum, worked fine. Now when I click forum I get a blank page… The only way in is to click on my account and work in backwards by clicking on an old post and then the header. Thanks.

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You’re not alone. I’ve been doing the same for about a week.

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I having problems actually for month, getting to the log in page.
I am using my I pad a lot and it is just not working at many times.

Sometimes I am googling Maria live and go from there sometimes that works for me.

But blank page when you select the forum is a problem too.

I come in to the forum blank as well from the app. I click on “latest” to refresh.

@staff , It appears that a BLANK page has inadvertantly been placed INSTEAD of the main sheet of the FORUM main page when you sign in. Been that way for a week.
Mirai marqui upper left, Personal icon appears upper right with the spyglass and three bars. Click on the three bars and carry on…

For me it seems to be loading a blanc piece instead of the normal wire picture.
I just scroll down.

It’s just started working but with a totally new layout. Must have been a work in progress. I use a desktop, don’t do phone internet.

Hi all! This is a known issue and we are working on a fix. We have a temporary template out now to help find the categories.


Thanks for letting us know. I was worried that it was just me.