Trouble logging in

Is anyone else having problems logging in to live to view the archive?

Yes, you are not alone

Yes… i keep getting an error. Url issue… but the forum runs ok.

Same here guys . Any idea when it will be fixed

Just tried first time since re_do. No problem. Video file ran ok.
I did just clear my CACH file. That may help.

Thanks to all of you. I thought it was just me.

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry for this issue. Just now logging on and seeing this. I’m sorry for the delay!

Is everyone still having issues logging in?

Can anyone experiencing issues please post a screengrab here, or describe the problem in more detail? What are you seeing when you try to view the archive? It’s loading and playing videos normally on my account right now so will need more information to troubleshoot.

Couldn’t open Mirai Live all day yesterday here in the UK. Forum and home page was ok. Just tried this morning and all is fine.

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I am all good again it seems to have been a temporary issue