Mirai Pro, The Apex

Hey Mirai-ites, did you notice the changes? New layout of the landing page on mirai live (notice the latest blog posts appear there on the side), decoupling of the library from the stream page, fusion of the old Tier 1 and 2 as ‘Standard’ and Tier 3 renamed as ‘Pro’. Additionally a forum section for Pro members with a weekly forum Q&A and bonsai critique threads (go check them out) - only 19 spots remaining for this weeks inaugural forum Q&A. By the way, I find the forum Q&A a great idea as for the last 3 weeks I couldn’t spare the time in the middle of the day for the live Q&A and it also lets you post pictures to support the question. Great improvements to the Mirai ecosystem. Well done Mirai Team!


Totally agree Rafi. Mirai hit a home run with me! I’m a chef that works at night so I didn’t think that I was going to get an opportunity to ask Q&A questions, I just watched the archived material. Now I’m all good! Also, i’m happy that I can isolate the Q&A material from the classes by seasons.