Mirai Live's New Look! Questions + comments?

Hey y’all!

You may have noticed by now that Mirai Live has a new interface. You’re now all Standard and Pro members (instead of Tiers 1-3)!

You now have a customized homepage (based on your responses to a short onboarding survey), a better filtration system for the library, and so much more.

If you have questions about the site, they may be answered here: Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this thread is to ask questions, give comments, or report problems with the new interface. We hope you love it as much as we do!


I found it a bit unnecessarily constraining to restrict our species interests to two categories only… I had to choose Pine and deciduous instead of Pine, Juniper, Elongating and Deciduous (broadleaf and conifer). I suggest to remove the restriction on two categories or maybe add a new category called ‘Temperate’ as opposed to Tropical that encompasses all species mentioned above.

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Love the new look and it feels much more functional.

This year I found myself digging through the archives quite a bit for the BSOP fundamentals videos as they were appropriate. The focus on seasonality will be helpful there (cause I’m sure I’ll be doing it again next year)

I do like @rafi ‘s idea of allowing more species focus areas. Two does seem a little restrictive. But I’m sure there is a balance there with too many subsections.

I like the filtering has a greater breakdown than just “pines” or “elongating species”. I think it might be helpful to also be able to do a free form search. Recently I picked up a sub-alpine fir and wanted to know what videos were available in the archive. The new system works pretty well now, but it would be cool to just be able to type that in rather than rely on filters.

Once I answer the questions in the my account area, on the main page there is a window with a play button that does nothing for me. Did I miss something?

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First off, I love the new look!
But I did not get the questions, and I also have a window with a play buttom that doesn’ work.

Hey Joe, are you using Chrome? I think I had the same problem - just clear your cache & restart the browser. Let me know if that works.

Hey Kerria! Same advice I gave to Joe–are you using Chrome? I had a similar issue and resolved it by clearing my browser cache. And for the questions, go to your My Account page to fill out the survey.

Hey Rafi (and @nmhansen)! I appreciate the feedback and understand where you’re coming from. We designed it this way so that your customized homepage wouldn’t be overloaded with content. This is coming from a standpoint of not wanting to overload folks with too much information on their customized homepage, and also from a web performance standpoint (getting things to load quickly).

The cool thing about the survey is that you can change your interests any time on the Account page, so you can always change up what you’re seeing on your personal homepage.

Hope this helps! We appreciate the feedback so much and I’ll take it to the rest of the team.

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At present everything is so slow to load that I find it unusable. Will try again tomorrow.

Hey there! Would you mind going to https://browser.bonsaimirai.com and then emailing the link in the top box to support@bonsaimirai.com with your name & a description of the problem you’re encountering? This will help me troubleshoot whatever problems you might be having. Thank you!

Hey @Sam, the gray box with the play triangle button is supposed to do something or only come alive once something is being streamed? At the moment is only a static placeholder for a video.

Are you talking about on the main Mirai Live page? What I see is a video I never finished (I know, shame on me).

hey @rafi! Are you using Chrome? If so, try clearing your browser cache. I had this happen as well and clearing the cache solved it.

If it’s not too much trouble could you go to https://browser.bonsaimirai.com in whatever browser you’re experiencing this issue in and then copy/paste the link in an email to support@bonsaimirai.com? That will help us troubleshoot. Thanks!

Make sure you take the onboarding survey on the My Account page so your homepage populates with customized content for you! Sorry, just noticed that grey box at the top of your homepage in the screengrab :wink:

I took the survey last night, but I did it on my iPhone and the screenshot is from my desktop just now.

Ah, okay, but weird that it’s showing like you didn’t take it yet…let me know if when you do take the survey, you’re still getting that message.

Hey @Sam , I only see the placeholder using either Firefox or Safari in MacOS as well as Safari on iPad. I emailed the browser link for all three to support. In all cases I am on the latest version of operating systems and browsers. Seeing the message from @nmhansen, could it be that one sees that when being up to date with all videos?

So, I’m not totally clear on the effects of completing the questionnaire. Will it somehow limit what we can see, or will it just show links to a limited number of topics on the home page, but everything is still accessible in the library? I’m basically interested in everything, so wouldn’t want to limit what I can see.


Hi Sam,
I have just done the questionare and i seem to have lost the video that i was going to watch. Although i listed myself as advanced i like to have access to all tge content as i am like a sponge and want to see it all and absorb those little bits that i may have missed. Is there anyway of unsetting the questionare?

You should still be able to scroll to the bottom to click on the button that says “Browse Entire Library”

And that’ll get you to the entire archive.

Here is the handy link if you just want to jump right to it.