Mirai Live's New Look! Questions + comments?

Love the new look and the filters are awesome. They make rummaging through the archive easier. I love that the main page includes some forums updates and the videos, too.

I would love to see playlists that could be viewed as courses in specific techniques or species. It would give newcomers to the site and to bonsai a great way to start, since the library can be overwhelming. It would also be great for folks who have been around more, to find and fetch info relevant to what we are working on or studying.

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Adding @Robin to this as well because I think this answer will apply to both of you!

Completing the questionnaire just changes what appears when you first log in, or when you click the “home” button on the top navigation of the site. It doesn’t affect what you see in the Library, which @nmhansen kindly noted with a link. You still have access to the whole library by clicking Library at the top of the page.

Our intent with the customized homepage is to make it easy for you to come back to content that might pertain to particular species or techniques you’re working on right at the moment, so it feels a bit more personal and easy to find things rather than searching the whole Library all the time.

You can change your answers to the questionnaire at any time you’d like–you just need to go to your Account page (click Account in the top navigation) and you’ll be able to change your answers.

There might be issues for the next few days with what video is displaying on your homepage–we’re working out some bugs, normal for any web launch.

Thanks for your feedback & questions!!

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Realized I didn’t respond to part of your comment–regarding freeform search, that is a functionality we definitely want to implement, we just couldn’t get to it on this iteration. It’s more complicated to implement than it sounds :slight_smile: We’ll hopefully be adding search in future updates, so stay tuned.


Yeah I figured that was probably the case. I do know the difficulties in free form search, I’ve had to implement it a few times. :slight_smile:

Working perfectly this morning, just need to find my way around. Thanks for the support.

It’s the same for me

Hi Sam,

It’s working fine now … but the Forum Apex is gone.
Seems I eighter get the video on the home page and no access to the forum, or no video and the forum works fine. Strange!

@Joe_Johanesen @Nicknjh23 Thank you for letting me know about this–our developer knows about it now and has made some changes. It should be working correctly now. If not, let me know and we’ll keep trying to fix!

Thanks for your patience!

Can you please go to http://browser.bonsaimirai.com and copy/paste the URL provided on the top of the page into an email to support@bonsaimirai.com? That will help me troubleshoot this.

If your browser tells you the link is unsafe, it’s just because it’s an “http” instead of “https.” It is not an unsafe link.

Thank you!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you a heads up that the “take the survey” message will come back up after you clear your cache, because its appearance is based on browser cookies which “know” when you’ve taken the survey. So when you clear your cache, it will reset that message. However, your survey answers should still be saved.

let me know if you have questions on this!

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Hi, the date of the stream would be very helpful!

Yes, I miss the date the stream was done. Helpful to review seasonal times to do pinching and pruning.
I am doing my best to cope with change at my age!! :grin:

Adding @Bonsai_bob here too!

The stream date is still available, you just need to click into the stream and it appears on the right-hand side information column. And you also have the season of work, which displays on the video thumbnail in the library. Hope this helps!

Ah… I see… I need to scroll down to see the date. Not as convenient, but I can learn to like it.

Well, the intent was for you guys to be able to go off of the season (and filter the library by season), so you aren’t tied to the specific date the stream was aired. I do understand where you’re coming from though and will bring it up with the team!

Not necessary to change. I just need to know where to look if I wanted to know when the stream aired. I want to thank you Sam and all the team for the work to make the web site user friendly.

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perfect on my Neo ipad and samsumg J8 phone. just cleaned cookies and history.
great design and upgrade tear2 with full video content access.
there was a nonsense tear2 cant access all video archive.
just miss peter warren and the more classic deciduous content, like kaede and zelkova.
great job Mirai team!

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Hi Sam, its working fine now. Had a little help from my son in law :blush:

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So with the changes was there a price increase? I see my charge will be $179.88. Not a complaint! Worth the investment. Just asking………:heart_eyes:

Hi Bob! There is no price increase from Tier 2 to Standard and from Tier 3 to Pro. The only price increase you would experience would be going from Tier 1 to Standard–we eliminated Tier 1 in the upgrade. But you should have received an email from us if that’s the case. Feel free to email support@bonsaimirai.com if you want to chat about this outside the forum :slight_smile: