Community Manager animating the Mirai Forum

@Sam I am going through the archives of the Mirai Forum, and I noticed that in 2018, there were some people from the Mirai Team opening discussion post-streams, to get feedback on learnings, posting also some pictures. I haven’t seen this in 2019, unless I am mistaking? To my perspective, it would be good if there is a “Community Manager” animating the forum, in line with live streams, or any key seasonal subject. I would even add that these post-streams discussions should cover the entire video library, independently from the type of subscription (standard, pro) --> pro discussions can be a good incentive for standard subscribers to upgrade their subscription… The community manager can trigger in depth discussions on relevant topics.

Hi Sonia! Thanks so much for taking the time to give such constructive feedback! I really appreciate it.

I agree that there is a need for more interaction from the Mirai team on the forum. It’s certainly on my list! I think the issue is perhaps that in 2018, we didn’t have as many members as we do now–which is exciting–but now, in 2019 and beyond, we’re creating way more video content than we did in the past. We’re a super small team, so making time for everything is difficult sometimes! I understand and appreciate the feedback so much and will start talking to the team when we’re back in the office about some potential solutions for this. Thanks again!

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my pleasure Dear Sam. I understand that launching the Mirai business while being a small team is quite challenging. Probably you guys reached the “scale-up” phase which is a critical step: small team and at the same time, more volume (streams, members) to manage. Wish to the entire Mirai team a wonderful 2020 year! Hope to see you one day in Belgium … for the Trophy … we never know what life can bring!

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