Live streams into library

Hi all.

New to Mirai and new to Japanese maples. I saw there was a livestream last night on pinching. My maple is pushing leaves and is ready to be pinched. Would ideally watch the stream from last night before pinching my maple - does anyone know how long it normally takes for streams to make it to the library? Running out of time!


It will normally be in the library before the end of work on the friday after the stream. Sometimes a couple of days earlier and occasionally a little longer. As I understand it after the life stream it requires editing, compiling and then uploading. This is done by the team who are also carrying out other filming and projects for Mirai during the week

You are in luck, that one is up somewhat early this week.

I also recommend the stream by Peter Warren. He does wonderful work with maples. Japanese Maple | Bonsai Mirai Live

Thanks everyone, have watched and will give the Peter Warren one a go as well

There is also a shorter Dennis Voitilla piece of featured content too on pinching maples.