Juniperus procumbens 1/1/19 video in archives?

Hi. I was really trying to make it to this stream because I have 3 juniperus procumbens nana that I am working on in my bonsai class here in Los Angeles. How long after the super Tuesday live stream does the Maria team upload the videos? I only got to see the last hour because life stuff happens and I can’t never really make it to the live stream… It’s the reason I down graded because I can never make it to ask question. Hopefully in the future I can start making it to the live streams.

I cant find it either , I though I was loosing my mind[quote=“Mr.Ferntastic, post:1, topic:2291”]
juniperus procumbens

“Super Tuesday” live streams usually are in the archive by Thursday.

Oh ok thanks for the info. Hopefully it’s up today. I have my bonsai class this Saturday so I’m hoping it’s up so I can study the video.

At the moment I’m working on this material.


Hey y’all! This should be in the library today. I’ll post here and let you know when it’s ready. Glad you guys are excited about it!!


i still can’t find it?

Hi sam,

I’ve been a little lost on where to find a schedule for streams and q+a’s. So I usually just log in a couple times a day to see if anything is going on or uploaded from previous streams. I logged in and checked a few times this Tuesday and did not see a stream or anything that said if or when there would be one. Now I’m not seeing the nana juniper stream in the archives that was supposed to be Tuesday?. Am i just missing something thats in plain site? or could there be a clearer way for us to find this info? Especially with q+a’s I find my self only knowing when they will be, from the announcements in the previous stream.


That was funny. Long live autocorrect.


Lol I didn’t notice that

Hi all, the stream is in the library now. I’m sorry for the delay!

For reference - after we shoot the stream, it takes 1+ hours to upload the footage, 2-3 hours to edit depending on how the stream went, then 2+ hours of uploading back to our site, then 2+ hours for the site to process. Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day!

Thank you all for your patience.


Hi Andrew!

You can always see a calendar of upcoming events on the Mirai Live homepage, when you’re logged in. I’ve attached a photo of it. We just planned a TON of streams for the first quarter of 2019, so I’ll be updating it today! This past stream had been on that calendar for a few weeks.

You’re not missing anything–the information just appears in a different place. This little box is on the homepage to the right of the large video box.

As for the juniper stream, it is in the library now. We always try to have streams in the library on Thursday after a Tuesday stream, but sometimes we just run out of time and it goes up on Friday.

Thanks for your patience!


Thanks for your hard work ma dude. I now have a better idea on how things work. I really appreciate what the mirai team is doing. Thanks again to the whole Mirai team for their amazing work on spreading the bonsai knowledge.