Live Stream This Week (July 14-20)

The email I received said the live stream (Juniper Forest Evolution) is on Tuesday July 15th. The 15th was Monday, not Tuesday.

When I tried to access the live stream tonight (Tuesday July 16th) I could not find the live stream.

So… was the live stream this week on Monday, or was it tonight? If tonight, why can’t I find the link to it. I clicked the “watch live” link in the email, and got the last recorded live stream I watched.


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I just watched the stream. It was abbreviated but very informative. It was right on time at 6 pacific time.

I had the same issue. refreshed multiple times to no avail. Could not access the live stream tonight. Was it really short? I think I started trying at around 6:30 - 6:40.

You must have just missed it. I believe it was less than 40 minutes long, but as @Bonsai_bob stated, it was densely informative.

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Hey all! First off - I’m so sorry about the date confusion! That was absolutely my fault and I apologize!

Second - yes, the stream was a pre-produced piece, so it was a very densely packed 35 minutes of content. I apologize for the confusion! It will be in the Library tomorrow - we had a few last tweaks to make to the final edit.

Lastly - if you ever have an urgent issue regarding the stream (i.e. can’t access it for whatever reason) please email or tag me in the forum by typing @Sam. That way I can get to you much quicker!

Thanks for your support!

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Thanks Sam and everyone. I don’t normally watch the live stream, just once they are in the library, but this week I had the time. What luck! lol.