Will Today''s May 8th 10am Mini Stream Be On Later

Just curious. It’s about 13 minutes past the scheduled start time, and no stream as yet.

Good question. It’s not showing up for me either.

no live stream here either

It just came on at 10:32

Finally came on and it’s over already?

Hey guys - I heard a report of this happening to another user as well - I apologize for the inconvenience. I was running an errand (grabbing wire for Josh so he could run this stream, in advance of his beginner series stream) so didn’t have a chance to troubleshoot. Just wanted you to know I’m looking into this.

Hey all, I actually have an update right now! It sounds like the site had a caching issue, and the settings from yesterday’s Live Q+A went into effect instead of what we set up this morning. So the stream was only available to Pro members for the first half before coming online to all members. I apologize for the inconvenience–we will have this in the Library by Monday. Again, so sorry!!

Thanks Sam. I’m a 40 yr IT pro and I know tech sucks. It always throws you a snag, just when you aren’t expecting it! :stuck_out_tongue:


It certainly does, @Bob_McCarlie! And of course at a time where I’m not there to troubleshoot.

@everyone - this stream is now available in the library. I’m so sorry for the hassle!

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