Tonight's stream postponed

Hi everyone–unfortunately, we have to postpone tonight’s stream due to illness. We will be instead streaming Trunk Bending Pt. 2 this Thursday 10/25 at 12pm PDT. It will be archived on Friday 10/26. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

To our members in Europe–this means you’ll get to tune in live!


Get well soon. No fun being sick.

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Sorry you’re sick. Silver lining is the live stream is at 8pm in Ireland! Prime Time viewing☺


Yes to European live viewing! I’ve never been I’ve during a stream and many months for q&a, both in one night is.!! :slight_smile:


No stream today? Or am I messed up timewise. Didn’t see any updates anywhere.

Thinking the same thing. Stream is not up

I wonder whats happened. It defo the right time as per advertised.

its up now.hgjg hgjh gjguy tj hgjhg jn

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it’s up now, i guess we missed 40 minutes?

Hi all–we had an internal error on our side, had to adjust some settings, and are up and running now. I am so sorry about this–the stream will be in the archive tomorrow so you’ll be able to watch the beginning sooner than usual. Again, so sorry for this error.

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