Live Stream 04-27

@Leah did the live stream for today get cancelled.

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Ya… I thought the Email notification said saturday, too.
Alas. Sat down to watch this morning… waited… Finally went back to the Email; and noted it WAS friday at 10…
Bummed … went out and spent all day with my buddies (bonsai) …!

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Hi Guys, the live lecture was on Friday 4/26 at 10 am. The recording should be added to the library later this week for a replay.



Here’s the link:

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I think this reinforces a request I made earlier. We all have work, families, responsibilities. It would be very helpful to get at least a week notification of any upcoming lecture. These lectures are very valuable – especially since one can interact directly in the Q&A (something you can’t do once it is in the library) and to get the most bang for our buck, it is respectful to an audience to notify them in advance (more than a day or two) so we can potentially adjust our other scheduled life responsibilities to attend future lectures. Thanks.

Hi Rich,

Thank you once again for your invaluable feedback! We’re committed to improving our communication with the community, as everything we do and offer is to add value to your bonsai practice. To stay updated on our live streams, you can always refer to the Mirai Live calendar conveniently located on the right side of our homepage, or keep an eye on your email inbox for notifications. Typically, we send out reminders a few days prior to the scheduled premiere of a lecture. We deeply value every member of the Mirai community, and any delay in notice isn’t a reflection of disrespect. Managing our workload efficiently is a challenge as a small business, especially with Ryan handling so much single-handedly. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Best regards,

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Maybe there could be something that notifies us through the app. Just a suggestion not trying to make tons of more work for anyone, lol

We have been sending out Live Stream notifications via Mirai Mobile, so for future ones keep an eye out as we will send out a notifications on there too!

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Awesome thank you its probably mostly on my end i turn on notifications and my phone sometimes still chooses to not notify me, lol