Pitch Pine Design in the Library soon!

Hi all!

Apologies for the lateness on uploading the Pitch Pine Design stream - we are experiencing a problem with adding new videos to the Library that should be resolved tonight. All old videos should be working fine. Sorry for the delay!


The stream is available now! Thanks for your patience!

hi, I just subscribe to the live, but it is at 3am here in france… I m not sure that i will wake up in the middle of the night every thuesday ! but thanks for the replay. For the last one on the yamadori cares, when it will be upload in the library? I m very exciting for this one, just the one i need right now.
And generally, when do you upload the replays?
Thanks for good work, nothing like this in france.
and sorry for my english!! I will improve it with the streams!
have a nice day

I came here today(Friday) looking for the yamadori video as well.

They usually get the video up 2 days after the live stream. Sometimes it takes a little longer.

Looks like the Yamadori aftercare video just went live in the archive.

yes! thanks!
busy for the next two hours…