Who’s going to PBE?

Hey everyone,

In light of tonight’s stream I figured I’d start a thread and see who all is going to the pacific bonsai expo? Wanting to make a point to get to meet some other Mirai members in the community. Please let me know who else will be there.

Looking forward to this!


I would love to but I am saving money to buy a house so I can take my bonsai propagation to the next level, I also will be in knoxville and kannapolis this year so probably won’t get out there until 2024 as nationals will be in 2023.

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I am driving down and have tickets for both days, but not the banquet…


I am attending as an exhibitor. I am also working on the program and commemorative book projects for PBE. Hope to see many bonsai folks there.


I’m driving down and will be there for Saturday!

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I’m so excited for it! It’s going to be my first time attending to something like this!

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Is Mirai going as a vendor - I didn’t see Mirai on the vendor list?

They are there, under their full name IBM (International Bonsai Mirai).

jeez - totally missed it - thanks - I have a long way to go (from Toronto) but seriously thinking about it - the podcast on bonsai wire provided some great insight into the event.

Hi it’s Kim. I am going. Doing security Sat and Sun 8-10am
I have been stoked about this all year.

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I will be there with a friend, staying at Hyatt house Emeryville, was wondering if we might hitch a ride with someone to the venue Saturday… ?

I plan to drive over from the Hyatt Sat. morning so I have a place to put anything I buy. I may head back to the hotel area for lunch and walk back over for the afternoon.

bit of a trek from Toronto but booked to go - hopefully will see you there.

It would be really great if we could ride over with you Saturday morning… :smile:

That will be great. I will have room for up to 4 passengers if others want a ride. I will probably try to leave the hotel just after 8 am to insure I can get a parking spot. That means hanging out at the venue for a bit before the show opens at 9 am.

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I would if the tickets weren’t sold out :cry:

The best I can do this year is that I pre-ordered the show photo book. Hopefully I can attend the next, if they have one.

Im very excited to go. Its been 15 years since ive been to oakland , Any meeting spots or times?

No meeting times yet but I like the idea of meeting at the bonsai gardens in Oakland.