Who’s going to PBE?

I will be there, fortunate enough to be exhibiting a tree in the show.


That’s awesome. Can’t wait to see your tree presented.

Thank you, look forward to seeing your there!

i hope to see it as well . How exciting to have a tree in the show!

I’ll be there the full time. Staying in the Hyatt with the crowd. Doing security on Thursday iirc. And banquet

Ive got tickets for the Saturday show but not the banquet

I’m flying in Friday night. Arriving at 7pm. Going for the saturday show and then I will leave Sunday morning at 5am. Flying back to Columbus OH

Living that bonsai life. HAHA

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Last minute add for me, working a security shift on Saturday and Sunday, flying in Friday night. Anyone in the Oregon mid-valley willing to schlep purchases back home for some gas money?
Thanks in advance,