Which front, what pot for my quince?

Planning to remove this quince from its training pot next spring. Would appreciate thoughts for type of pot. Do I go tall to accentuate the semi-cascade windswept look or do I select an oval that highlights the nebari?

Which front has more appeal?

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If it were me I’d put it in a tall container (maybe not super tall) and show off the semi-cascade. You can still show of the nebari I think too if you plant it a little high in the pot

Lighter chocolate rustic halfmoon . High enough to carry the lowest branch. Large / heavy enough to be stable.
Or a medium blue round-ish fluted bowl…

I like the second front, there is a nice triangular shape to the canopy. Only little change I’d make from that side is have the branches vary a little more in length to break up the silhouette.

Have you done your re-pot yet? Inquiring minds would like to know… :wink:

Not yet. Been difficult finding the right size pot. Most are either too shallow (2"-3.5") OR too deep (6"-8"). Looking for something in-between. A difficult size to find generally, doubly so this past year under Covid. Websites were often sold out of stock.

I have not yet had an opportunity to visit the closest bonsai nursery which is about 4 hours away; hope to get there soon. Might have to repot into another training pot until next year if I continue to come up empty. Will make that decision by early July.