Pot suggestions for new pomegranate?

Hi folks!

I’ve got a new pomegranate, I’m looking at new pots, and I’m wondering what y’all think.

My initial thought was a small, round pot about as deep as the current pot, a little wider than the nebari, and either unglazed in a red clay or glazed in a dark red or orange.

Input and disagreement very welcome!

(hand for scale)

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I would go with round or oval. Though the tree has really gnarly roots, it has really soft curves and a very breezy movement. I would also use the dark red. It will make a nice contrast against the green in the spring, and blend nicely with the leaves in the autumn, really making the structure pop more.

Thanks much! I’m on exactly the same page. I think ultimately it will make a lovely windswept. What do you think in terms of sizing?

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I think that the pot width is good as it is, but I would aim for a pot at least half as deep. That would depend on the root mass, watering, and soil composition, though.

Maybe it’s the angle of the photo, but it seems to me that the current pot depth dwarfs the tree a bit.

Interesting! I felt like the width was taking away from the sweep of the tree. Thanks for the perspective!

The only reason I’d keep the current depth is I’m not sure about the root structure (it’s in pretty tight, sandy soil and I’m hesitant to take it out and look lest the root ball disintegrate). I’d rather get it down to a shallower pot, for sure!

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id go with informal upright. the wind swept idea seems like the the branches are to straight. as well it gets lost with truck flowing the opposite direction of what the branches would flow for said concept. I see a wonderful informal upright you chop those two long branches back to fit the shape. great little tree none the less.

I appreciate the thought! If you’ve got the time, would you mind photoshopping a rough-out of what you’re imagining for the informal upright version?

if it were mine id increase the soil line quite a bit. cut back anything on the right side to leggy and straight. then fertilize heavily to promote new roots and back budding.

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excuse my ruff instagram pic editing.

Thank you so much for showing me what you were thinking! I think your edits look great. You don’t dig the funky nebari, though? :wink:

i dig the nebari just think it looks stronger and more proportional to the composition if it had a higher soil line.

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also for pot id do a super shallow oval once the roots are ready. yellowish unglazed for color maybe…

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Curious if this could be an exposed root with hidden roots exposed more? Personal feeling is to put movement in too straight branches. Also would suggest that pot color should contrast with Red fruit as this will likely be the trees best display feature. On color wheel this is green. Tree has fine feminine foliage and curves so should have soft edged glazed pot, perhaps lotus shape.:wink:

I love how completely different everyones’ perspectives are! It’s always reassuring to me (as a relative beginner) to remember how many different directions one good piece of material could go.

I ended up going with this three-footed Bigei pot:


It’s about 4.5" in diameter and 1.9" deep. It should highlight the tree’s curves nicely, and the color should set off both red and yellow leaves.

Related question: I’m torn about whether I should repot now or wait for next year. The tree is clearly healthy (since it arrived in the mail a week ago, it’s put out eight long, leggy growths), but it’s potted in what feels like a mix of mud and sand. I want to get it into the new pot (aesthetics) and into good soil (health). The tree’s vigor and second flush of growth suggests repotting would be fine.

Here’s the question:

Is the tree more likely to thrive in its current, crummy soil for a year without a repot, or in good soil with an immediate repot?

I should add that I live in Baton Rouge, LA, where it’s been 90F+ and maximum humidity for two weeks and shows no sign of stopping.

If you received this tree that recently, give it time to acclimate to your area. There is always time deal with aesthetics later. Waiting till next spring would help the tree find the space in your yard that is most suitable for it. That cant happen if you are already re-potting.

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That’s where I landed. Thanks much!