Pomegranate design suggestion

I just aquired this pomegranate tree and looking for advice on how to move forward as tree is huge.
I wonder if the best approach is to keep one of the brannches or all three but shorten them significantly ?
Any chance to airlayer branches that old ? would you suggest to airlayer so to get nice trees from them ? Do pomegranate airlayer well and when to go for it ?
Would appreciate suggestions on the potential design to go for that does the tree justice as well as match the trunk size, yet reduces the tree dimension as its huge to be a bonsai as is.
Its still in the nursery where i bought it and they offeredd to house it till early spring when we can airlayer it and do the cuts so tree is smaller and can be moved to my place. They also suggested moving to their green house in feb so we can airlayer earlier.
I live in Beirut in lebanon so have a less cold winter, should I airlayer as leaves start growing or later in the year ?
My last question would be about pot selection for the tree.
Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Congratulations on getting that magnificent tree. My experience has been that air layers do best in early summer/late spring. I would avoid doing it when the tree is in a negative energy state(just starting to bud out) and instead wait until the three has just finished the first flush. Probably six weeks after bud break if it’s warm in your area. A green house would probably be ideal. I have air layered pomegranate a few times. I would say the trees are on the easy side regarding success.

Wait until you have enough root growth to support the size of the branch. The new roots from air layering are delicate and break easily.

Make sure you stabilize the new recently separated tree well with stakes and or wire. If you feel the new air layered tree did not produce a lot of roots or if roots got damaged then reduce foliage by leaf pulling or pruning. Keep the new tree in the shade at first and gradually add sun week by week. A green house is ideal. It’s going to take a few years to develop primary branches after the chops unless you opt for more of a broom style ( many smaller branches). I currently have three pomegranate trees. One is a twisted trunk but it’s still early in development. I’ve always wanted to visit Lebanon. Especially the Bekaa Valley region. Maybe some day.

Congratulations of getting a most excellent tree. This should be stunning in a decade.

Mats H

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That is a nice find! Based on the last image uploaded I’d air layer the branch at the blue line and go with something similar as my rogh mock-up. But once you repot it and dig the nebari out, that will help you set the front.
When you cut it back it will give you a ton of backbuds to choose from at least in my experience.
I’d put it in a shallower wooden grow box for now, not a pot so you can work the roots reduce the hight but let the tree develop further, otherwise it will take a lot more time to develope.
As for air layering I’d suggest doing it after the first flush hardens off.


Thanks for the info, will make sure to follow ur instructions on the Air layer andnhopefully ill be able to save a couple of trees out of this one in addition to the main rree for sure :slight_smile:
Let me know if u end up taking the chouce to visit Lebanon, its a beautiful country!

Thanks for ur suggestions l, livebthe design and fron u suggested, so guess ill be following that most probably .
Any suggestions what wood to make the wooden box out of ? Im guessing itll have to stay a couple of years in it before its mived to a pot ? Do i need to treat the wood with something so it can handle humidity without rotting ?
Thanks again for ur help

Any wood will do. I think 2 seasons would be enough for the transition and to start refinement.
As for the deadwood, that will eventually rot, if they are to big for scar tissue to cover it, which I’m guessing they are.
It’s hard to tell what consistently or how large the area is from these pics but there are a few options you could try.
If there is a chance it will close then you could try carving out the soft part and filling it with epoxy putty or cement but that uro/hole in the middle looks good IMO, adds age to the tree.
You could treat it with lime sulfur to stop fungus from deteriorating it further. The important thing is that water doesn’t sit in it after rain. Maybe carve a channel that water can flow down on.
If the wood is really deterioration you could try stabilizing it. There are some specific products for that on the market.
I tried super glue/crazy glue to slow the rot on this tree below. It was flaking and soft to the touch.
Now it’s hard as a rock. I did it two years ago.
It will look a bit off untill it weathers a bit but it will keep it from rotting for a few years

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