Hinoki pot recommendations

About to start looking for a pot for one of my first humble Christmas nursery sticks/stock challenges!
Would love some shape, color, style or potter recommendations.

Please excuse the poor impromptu wiring was moving the main trunk to figure out the Apex set up.

Here is what my novice extinct is leaning towards!

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I love your styling! It goes towards extravagance.
Your choice of pot is a bit conservative for it imo. If it was my tree I would go for something dark and elegant to compliment the extravagance - black or black texture on darker brown. Rather oval than rectangular. It would give the foliage and trunk nice contrast. My few cents…
Will try to search and add some pic of examples being not really knowledgeable on ceramists from the top of my head :see_no_evil:

Something like this (?)

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I like what your thinking and I appreciate the feedback. I am definitely going to explore this line of thought and pot style. I really appreciate the honest feedback!

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I would go shallower and elegant though which is also what Ryan seems to recommend. The final pot I have chose for mine is a bit rectangular but soft enough to be a match. One point of critique having the apex curving down with the highest part of the tree being a curve isn’t that attractive to me.


Thanks and I like the pairing of your tree and pot very nice.

As for the the apex curving down I totally understand what you mean and I didnt expect it to land with everyone …

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