Help me select a pot

Hi all would love to get a vote and/or some comments on some pots i’m debating between; i’ll show each one as a ‘reply’ to my own thread so hopefully i can count the ‘likes’ and figure out the winner

this is an alligator juniper in a training pot

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Option 1:

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option 2:


Option 3:


Of these, I like option 2. Is it a Sara Rayner pot? I think something with a more organic shape and color, like this pot by Thor Holvila, would be even better.


I like option 2 followed by 4.

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Ich liebe den letzten sehr

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Definitely 2 alternative would be 4

1 does not go with the tree and 3 is way
too shiny my 2 cents worth

I really like everything about 3.

I think I am leaning more towards 4 after reading bernhard’s comment and looking again. The glaze echoes the alligator juniper bark.

I think pot 3 is very interesting, but it will over power all but the most powerful trees. I wonder how a satsuki or similar flowering tree in full bloom would look.

How about a Jonathan Cross pot? I believe it would suit the style very well.

I really like your tree and the pot choices. Is this Texas collected or NM? I like pots 2 and 4 best. 2 pulls my eye downward to the pot though and I wonder if it is deep enough. 4 seems like a perfect match to me. The rough textures, and the grays of the pot echo the deadwood and bark of the trunk. It also reminds me of the landscape where I have collected Texas Junipers. I love this pairing. Pot 4 for me.

I just realized that pot “4” is not part of your post. So pot 2. Pot 1 has the right feeling, wild and rugged but I prefer the colors of 2. I like for 3 but like others stated to much shine for such a wild tree. The best of the choices is 2 IMO. Unless you are going to contact Thor for pot “4” of course.

@mond das hab ich gar nicht gemerkt das nur 3 Töpfe zur Auswahl sind @dr c da würde ich auch nummer 2 wählen ich habe da gar nicht gemerkt das die letzte Auswahl nicht von ihnen kommt wobei ich diese wirklich sehr ansprechend finde ist aber auch Geschmacks sache

I don’t think any of them feel right for this tree. #2 looks best in color but seems too big and perhaps round would be better than oval? Are you in Oregon or nearby? Vicki Chamberlain in Ashland, OR website: makes some nice pots. Her Kurinuki pots caught my eye for future possibilities and asking her for something custom made. Prices are pretty good too.

Bernhard, have you forgotten to press the translate button? I’d really like to read your comments…

I just copy into google translate when the posts are not in English. I imagine that quite a few non-native English speakers have to do the opposite to catch some of the details in many posts. I like to post dimensions and temperatures in both imperial and SI units so folks don’t have to do the conversion.

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I don’t no where is the translate button

As Marty explains you can use google translate or if you have bing you can use Bing translate then copy and paste. I am not being clever as it was only after reading Marty’s post I found out how to do it. I’ve tried a translation but I don’t know how accurate it is.

Wie Marty erklärt, können Sie Google übersetzen verwenden oder wenn Sie Bing haben, können Sie Bing übersetzen dann kopieren und einfügen. Ich bin nicht schlau, da es erst war, nachdem ich Martys Beitrag gelesen hatte, fand ich heraus, wie man es tut.

Ok thank you that helps me a lot this translated

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