Pot option for a Rocky Mountain Juniper

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Any opinions and recommendation are appreciated. I am repotting this May and would like to put this tree in a pot.

Thank you for your perspective.


I really like #3. That’s a masculine tree. It can handle that pot.


Another option

That is a wonderful tree. Great pot choices as well. I think I like the last choice, solid brown best. Then #2 the more rugged tan/black and then #3 brown/black. But always hard to be certain when unable to see them in person. All are interesting. My $.02
Where did you acquire the tree?

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Definitely number 3 or the added option. The shape is nicely masculine with either of these. The color of the added option would contrast nicely with the foliage but I really like the slightly wild and unexpected character of the coloration variation of #3.


The tree came from Randy Knight in the spring of 2017.

I do favors the rough texture and outer appearance of this pot. The age and patina of a antique Chinese pot is appreciated… I am not sure of the shape of this one with the tree.


This pot would be a solid quality paring with color and the pot lines are strong. The lack of a pot lip gives more space for the base of the tree to dominate.

I originally purchased this pot, for the tree. I’m still a fan of the combo.

This pot to me is absolutely beautiful and shape and colors are superb. There are two sides that could be use as the front.
v694908939_2 v694908939_3

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They all appear to be great pots - you’ve certainly set yourself an interesting challenge.
The first pot appears to be deeper. Are the indented corners a nod to some feminine characteristics in the tree?
I would be tempted by the last option - the simplicity of the dark brown would contrast and frame the horizontal sweep of the trunk and give it greater prominence.
Good luck with your decision - I look forward to seeing the result.

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That is a solid response.

The cut corners are to eliminate the size of the pot to feature the trunk and Deadwood more. The rim adds to the depth of the pot but I am not sure if that is competing for space against the trunk.

The second pot is dark and has rigid corners to ground the tree, and a flat rim to give space to the trunk. The color is richer and has more depth, this was to assist with the pot having a shallower profile.


While the modern pots are very cool, I don’t think their shapes work with this tree. I think the more ornate style, with carved out corners of the first pot work better with all the curves of the trunk.

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Does the brown/black pot not have drainage? I don’t see holes on the upside down picture.

No it does not, they would have to be drilled.