Which front and any notes on design

Hey guys,

Any pot suggestion for this mahaleb?
Also, any design suggestions are welcome.



I see it in a pale coloured pot. Creamy yellow, or a pale blue or even a beige would work well. For me, the large jin next to the apex is too tall if photo 2 is your front but if photo one is the new front then once the apex has grown a bit I think it would be ok.

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I agree about that Jin, it’s kinda eye poking.Maybe the one between the apex and the left is a bit to large to.
It still has a round of carving to be done, I’ll hold off 'till fall so I don’t knock off the new shoots.
Here it is this spring after first styling and rough carving for a better view.
It has a few flaws but manageable.

As for creamy pot, that’s a great idea, haven’t thought of that.
Maybe something round or oval, a bit on the shallow side.

Thanks for the input Keith, appreciate it!


It’s looking good for its first iteration. I think oval would be best, you could go slightly shallower but not by much.

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I believe the natural deadwood is beautiful as it exists! I have a lonerica with a similar deadwood style. If you encourage apical and lateral growth the tree will grow into the size of the trunk. The contrast of spring flowers and the ancient dead branches will make this a stand out tree. You can always carve it later if you believe it improves your goal. The natural progression is for the dead wood to decompose, without mechanical intervention. You may not want to accelerate the eventual loss of ancient branching. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: