Which front and any notes on design

Hey guys,

Any pot suggestion for this mahaleb?
Also, any design suggestions are welcome.



I see it in a pale coloured pot. Creamy yellow, or a pale blue or even a beige would work well. For me, the large jin next to the apex is too tall if photo 2 is your front but if photo one is the new front then once the apex has grown a bit I think it would be ok.

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I agree about that Jin, it’s kinda eye poking.Maybe the one between the apex and the left is a bit to large to.
It still has a round of carving to be done, I’ll hold off 'till fall so I don’t knock off the new shoots.
Here it is this spring after first styling and rough carving for a better view.
It has a few flaws but manageable.

As for creamy pot, that’s a great idea, haven’t thought of that.
Maybe something round or oval, a bit on the shallow side.

Thanks for the input Keith, appreciate it!

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It’s looking good for its first iteration. I think oval would be best, you could go slightly shallower but not by much.

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