Help me choose the front

Hey guys, I got this hawthorn a few months ago, planning to report it come spring but I can’t seem to make up my mind on what should be the front.
I did some minor wiring and cleanup pruning to get rid of design and horticultural flaws to get a basic shape to it.
Each angle has it’s pros and cons.
It’s a yamadori so not sure what I’ll find under the soil line but I doubt it will be spectacular.


To me the last picture makes the best front. It has a pleasing flow.

So looking through the pictures 1 by 1.

Picture 1: this looks good. There is a nice structure on the branches giving a good silhouette. The trunk link look ok, no much can be said as it’s fairly straight a 50 degree angle. The apex is almost coming towards you.

Picture 2: this looks ok again. The trunk line makes the tree look more powerful and the structure looks nice in the branches giving another good silhouette. There is more tension in this one. l I like it, but something feels off. This might be the tree needed to be rotated clockwise on the turntable another 5 degrees. It might be the picture is actually the back. I don’t know…

Picture 3: has more movement on the trunk. The branches would need to be rebuilt. The apex is currently going away from you. I personally don’t like it. But that is because the structure needs to be rebuilt in my opinion.

Picture 4: This looks like a more traditional design. There is very nice movement along the trunk line to the apex. The structure sits very well with good pads forming along the trunk line. This seems a harmonious design.

So base of these pictures I would pick the 4th. However there is something wrong in the 2nd picture that I would want to look at further. I suspect that there is a good image close to where you took the picture, it’s just not where you took the picture…

A lovely little hawthorn either way!

For me it’s the last photo which shows the best front. The branches are nicely placed, the dramatic movement of the top of the trunk is shown off and overall the taper is highlighted better.

Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated!

4 looks like the best photo, and may be your front. It is to me in the pictures provided.
2 is funky and I like it but need to see the roots to decide.
My most preferred trunk line is in image 3. I cant see the base tho and wonder what the roots look like beneath the soil line for all options.
1 seems like the one option I’d eliminate. Too straight and only 2 real moves in the line at about 45 each time.
I think an oval or softer edged rectangle may be a good pot choice as well.

Nice tree.

Bonsai on!

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