Japanese larch - front options

Hi everybody,
i bought this beautiful little japanese larch a few days ago and i am already thinking about the design for the spring work. I am curious to hear your opinions and decisions.
First of all, this is the current front when i bought the tree:

and this is the view from the left side. As you can see, the tree leans forward in this position, i assume that’s the reason why this front was chosen.

In my opinion the following front has a better nebari and better movements but if you look from the side again the apex is slightly leaning backwards or at least not so welcoming leaning forward like in the original front.
This is front view:

This from left side:

How would you decide? Would you take the better nebari and go with the slightly backwards lean or would you stay with the original front?
Thanks for your opinions

You can always change the planting angle to bring the top of the tree forward. What does it look like if you tilt the pot and take the pictures level with the middle of the tree?

I am not sure if i get you right. You would take the new front and lean the tree more forward? I am not sure if the roots on the backside are good enough to lean the tree more forward but that’s a thing i have to check when i repot the tree.

Yes, I was suggesting that you lean image 3 forward a bit in order to get both the better nebari and to bring the apex slightly in front of the base. I have found that roots on the back that are lifted up can be teased down into the soil and with some support of the tree at the new angle they will grow and support the back of the tree in a couple of years.

You could create a new apex. Larch branches are extremely flexible and you have quite a few to choose from. Two to three years and you new apex will be well on the way.

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