Eastern larch design

Oh boy am I excited for this! Larch has been one of my personal favorite trees. However I’ve had little luck finding decent material that wasnt ramrod straight or had a weak nebari.
Last year I lucked out and found this tree at my local bonsai nursery. I love the subtle movement in the trunk and the proportional nebari. Its a fairly young tree but the barck is developing quickly.

The weather here in new england is warming up and soon itll be set to style. I plan on chopping the trunk right where the trunk straightens out and turning one of the two branches into the new apex.

The question of corse is which one?
I originally thought of using the right branch and creating a harmonious design to the right. But the more I look, I’m liking the ramification and movement of the branch on the left. For my defining branch I plan on using the branch on the lower right.

Im not super attached to either option and would love to here what you all think.


Yup. You got this…
Seal the large cuts. Basic design set. Wire gently. Remove un needed limbs. If your undicided, you can remove later. You have years…
Just remember…DO NOT BARE ROOT at the first repotting…
I want three like this…