Larch to be refined

Hi all,

I’ve been growing this (siberian) larch from an initial boring almost straight trunk with a few branches with very little ramification into what now is seen in the pictures.

There a some minor tweeks to be made to the structure before I move it into refinement, and I’d be curious to hear other’s opinions, people who see it with fresh eyes. I’ve been playing with the idea to remove a branch or two to open it up a bit, mostly because it tends to get really long needles in the summer transforming it into a big green blob, but hopefully proper refinement will alleviate that. Other than that I’m mostly thinking of the apex at the moment. Should I bring it a bit down to the right, or making it a bit more pointed upwards to show a vigorous apex, not sure at all right now. So the apex is where I’m most curious about your thoughts!

A few more notes about the tree. It’s almost fully wired as seen, but not shaped. That’s just my way of ensuring that I can shape it in the spring and not be stressed about not having time to wire (family and stuff). And unfortunately the nebari is not seen as I failed with a wire tourniquet several years ago and have to see what I can do with the roots in the spring when I will repot the tree in a more suitable container.

Eager to hear your thoughts!


I’d probably remove that 4th branch on the right to help lighten that apex a bit. With that trunk, while it’s not quite exactly feminine, a big strong apex doesn’t feel right. You’ll need to elongate the branch that’s opposite of it though to rebalance the tree.

The first branch needs a bit of refinement as it’s just too bulky. At least on it’s winter form. The length is good though.

The third branch on the right will need to be slightly elongated as well since it’s of equal length to the branch beneath it.

All that said, that’s a beautiful tree. I bet it’s gonna be amazing when it’s fully refined in a container.

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First of all, thank you!

I’m not sure which branch you mean when you say the fourth to the right, as it’s a bit of a mess up there in the apex region at the moment, do you mean the single twig sticking out to the right perhaps? Anyway, the apex is the portion I have worked the least with, and it will absolutely be thinned out in spring, I agree that should be on the lighter side. But I’m not really sure about its exact shape. I could lower it and get a somewhat domed shape, or elongate it and let it become more pointed. Classically aged or more larch like…?

The second branch to the right will be positioned more behind the trunk, so I think the levels will be more dynamic then. What can I say, I think we agree on several things here, as I’m planning to thin out the first branch too.

I have also had issues labeling the tree as either masculine or feminine, hence I’ve considered planting it in a drum pot, probably a grey base with brown/black in it, to match the trunk and the bark. Any thoughts on that?

Anyways, thank you again for your input!


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I’d cut this branch. I know it seems drastic, but you’ve got it at odds with itself. It’s coming across the front of the trunk. I can’t tell if the apex is made up of that branch. If so, then I’d just cut off the part that crosses the trunk.

The pot selection sounds pretty spot on. Please update with pics when it has put on foliage. I love larch.


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Alternatively, you could keep that branch and jin everything else above it to keep that as the main apex, to give you a change of direction in the trunk line.

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My experience with larch with attributes as you have is to accept the limitation of the skinny trunk and do something bold. If it were mine, I’d plant it on its side in a raft and compose from there‐-it will have much more potential to become a great larch.

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